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About Us

Docan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited is a famous OEM battery factory with providing battery solution for customers, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China. It is a high - tech enterprise which is specialized in the research and development and sales of LiFePO4 prismatic battery & pack, Customized lithium battery pack, Cylindrical li-ion rechargeable battery and charger.=

Our company provides to its customers with kinds of qualified battery products from small capacity to large ones for various applications, having high energy density, low internal impedance and reliable performance.

The company has a highly qualified professional research and development team which is leaded by the battery expert. The team has strong technical strength, with many experienced engineers and professional product designers. The products are safe and reliable, with relevant certifications such as FCC, MSDS, CE, ROHS, UM38.3, UL, CB, etc. We also have a good management for the product's marketing and after sales service.

Docan is TOP10 battery and battery suppliers in China. We supply TOP1 service of Lifepo4 Prismatic Cell and Battery Pack for variouse area, 12 years+ focus on high capacity, high wattage, high voltage, high dicharge current battery cells and battery pack manufacture, since 2009!

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